Zack Aaron, M.S.

My aim in therapy is to identify what is most important to you, and help you live in a way that is more consistent with what you find meaningful, what gives you a sense of purpose, and what helps you feel content. To accomplish this, I approach therapy from a person-centered perspective, which means that I believe in working together to promote positive behaviors, emotions, and attitudes that best suit your values and holistic wellbeing. Additionally, I have been trained in evidence-based approaches that view both mental health factors (emotions, mood, feelings, etc.) as well as physical health factors (sleep, diet, exercise, etc.) as predictors of positive results for therapy so we will explore these together. As a therapist, I recognize my own imperfection, and I will incorporate feedback from you along our therapy journey to explore alternative perspectives and adjust treatment as necessary. I realize change can sometimes be challenging but I believe therapy should be fun and inspiring too.

My specific clinical interests include gender and sexuality identity exploration, gender-affirming care, and the intersection between queer identity and neurodiversity. In my own journey of gender-expansivity, I have learned first-hand how difficult it can be to identify the sources of psychological distress in our lives. I believe  it is important to understand how systems of oppression and colonialism have a negative impact on our wellbeing across many intersecting identity factors. We can work together to explore how your experiences intersect with your identity, life roles, and expectations. I also have a research background in the psychological study of meaning and purpose, sometimes referred to as existential psychotherapy, and I enjoy incorporating a discussion of the ways that sources of meaning and spirituality (non-religious or religious) can help us achieve self-actualization, euphoria, transcendence, and overall happiness.

Additionally, I am a registered psychology associate working under the license of Dr. Malouf and a doctoral student of clinical psychology at Loyola University. 


  • M.S. Clinical Psychology, Loyola University of Maryland
  • B.A. Psychology and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Emory University


  • Psychology Externship, Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital
  • Psychology Externship, Loyola Clinical Center

Curriculum Vitae