Dr. Malouf primarily uses Gottman Method in his approach to relationship therapy. He has completed Gottman Level 2 training and uses Gottman Connect as part of his treatment. In addition he has completed EFT certification and borrows from Imago conceptual framing in his relationship work. He supervises his staff using a similar approach. Both he and his staff members focus on working with same-sex partners as well as partners where exploring gender identity and/or sexuality is part of the relationship work.

Insurance Coverage

Folks are often confused about whether or not their insurance covers relationship therapy and many practitioners do not bill for relationship or couples therapy. Typically, insurance does NOT cover therapy that is aimed only at enhancing or improving a relationship; this does not fall within the scope of medically necessary care. However, insurance DOES cover therapy that is aimed at treating the mental health of one partner in a relationship. While it is important to avoid pathologizing one partner, couples, family and group therapy can be effective approaches to support individual concerns. As a humanistic practitioner, Dr. Malouf believes that understanding and, in some cases, treating the systems around individuals can be just as effective as individual work. Since people are not one-size fits all, Dr. Malouf and his staff are more than happy to provide consultation to help set expectations about couples work and billing in advance. Our out-of-pocket fees as well as more insurance information are available here.

Gottman Approved Member