Welcome: If you are reading this page you are probably looking for help for yourself, your family or someone you care about.  Please know that we all go through times and situations in our lives where we feel like we have run out of options… or the strategies and supports we usually fall back on aren’t there or aren’t helping us in the way they used to.  Maybe you are new to therapy or maybe not.  Either way, I know this is an important step and I hope that the information below can assist you in finding what you need.

Services: I provide individual therapy to children, adolescents and adults as well as relationship (couples) counseling.  I have a background in the treatment of anxiety, depression and other common mental health concerns, and specialize in working with issues related to sexuality, gender identity and differences of sex development.

Philosophy: No matter what your presenting concern, when I work with clients I start with a humanistic approach supported by research findings. This means we explore not only emotional health but also how you think, your physical health, personal goals, social and family life, academic/career progress, as well as other aspects of identity and culture (e.g. religious background, race, ethnicity, sexuality, ability, etc.).  I have an extensive research and advocacy background and integrate empirically-validated methods and community resources into our sessions to help support our work and further your goals.  As we continue to get to know one another and work on your goals, I will tailor strategies and interventions to customize your treatment.

What to expect: Our first session consists of an in-depth evaluation to allow me to better understand your history and current concerns and allows us to choose well-supported treatments that are also uniquely tailored to you (for couples, we will meet initially as a group and then have a chance to meet one-on-one in the following weeks).  As we go through this process, please know that I understand how talking to a stranger has both pros and cons. To that extent, I strive to be warm, welcoming and genuine. I believe that meeting my clients where they are is just as important as being able to provide high quality assessment and intervention.  Part of being genuine also means that I care about your experience in therapy, so throughout our work together I welcome your feedback (and will likely check in from time-to-time).


Location: My office is is located in a historic retail/commercial building in the Roland Park neighborhood in Northern Baltimore City.  It is located near I-83 and on major bus routes and has parking in two lots on the front and side of the building as well as unrestricted street parking.  My office is on the 3rd floor and, due to the historic nature of the building, is unfortunately not ADA accessible.  I share my space with several other psychologists.  We welcome you to have a seat in our shared waiting room.  There is an all-gender restroom in the hallway to the right of the waiting room.

Fees and payment:  My fees are listed below. I offer a free telephone consultation prior to your appointment. I am happy to discuss fees over the phone or in person when we meet if you would prefer.

  • $180 for a 50 – minute initial evaluation
  • $165 for a 55 – minute individual session
  • $175 for a 55 – minute couples session

Payments are required prior to each session, and I accept cash and personal checks. I am credentialed with Carefirst/BCBS and take all of their PPO, POS, HMO and Federal plans.  However, if you have a different insurance plan and it offers out-of-network benefits, you should receive some reimbursement for the cost of my services. Most insurance companies that provide out-of-network benefits cover between 50%-80% of the cost per session. I would be happy to provide the necessary documentation for you to receive reimbursement for my services. I recommend that you contact your insurance provider and inquire about your “out-of-network” benefits (see instructions below).

In-network insurance basics

If you are using BCBS insurance, it can still be helpful to contact your insurer to determine what costs you will be responsible for.  In some cases the cost may be nothing and in others it can be over a hundred dollars per visit.  Typical costs include:

  • Deductible: the amount you have to pay out-of-pocket before your insurance begins paying for your visits (can range from$1000-$5000+ but often does not apply to mental health visits)
  • Copay: a flat cost you pay for each visit (typically ranging from $0-$50 regardless of the total fee for the visit)
  • Coinsurance: a percentage cost you pay in lieu of a copay (typically ranging from 0%-20% of the total fee for visit)

As an example, if someone has $20 copay and a $1500 deductible that DOES apply to mental health and they saw a mental health provider whose gets reimbursed $150 per visit by insurance, the individual would end up paying $150 for each of the first ten visits. Afterwards, they would pay $20 per visit and insurance would reimburse the provider for the rest.  However, if the deductible does NOT apply, they would just pay $20 from the beginning.

Note that the deductible typically applies to ALL doctor visits.  Using this same example as above, in the individual had previously had a medical procedure where they were charged $900, they would only have $600 left on their deductible so would only pay the full fee for the first four visits.  Finally, please know that deductibles restart with your plan year (typically in January though depending on your plan it might be a different time).  At that point, regardless of what has already been paid, the individual will have to pay out-of-pocket until the deductible is met again.

Out-of-network questions to ask your insurance company about your mental health benefits:

  • Do I have out-of-network mental health benefits?
  • What amount will I be reimbursed for the following services with a licensed psychologist?
    • CPT Code 90791 (initial consultation) at a fee of $180.
    • CPT Code 90837 (subsequent psychotherapy sessions) at a fee of $165 per session.
    • If they do not reimburse the above code, how much do they reimburse 90834 (subsequent psychotherapy sessions) at a fee of $165 per session.
    • CPT Code 90846 (couples or family therapy) at a fee of $175.
  • Is there a deductible I need to meet each year before I can begin to receive reimbursement for sessions and is it different for out-of-network providers?
  • Is there a session limit per year?
  • Is there pre-authorization required? If so, what information do you need for this? Is there a specific form that needs to be filled out?